Justin Hartley’s Profile on IMDb
Another Time (Movie) – post production
Young & the Restless (Drama/Daytime Soap Opera)
Mistresses (Television)
Revenge (Television)
The Challenger (Movie) – post production
Emily Owens, MD (Television)
Hart of Dixie (Television)
Castle (Television)
Smallville (Television)
Scorpio Men on Prozac (Movie)
MegaFault (Movie)
A Way with Murder (Movie)
Spring Breakdown (Movie)
Gemini Division (Web Series)
Red Canyon (Movie)
Cold Case “Justice” (Television)
CSY: NY “Heart of Glass” (Television)
Austin Golden Hour (Television)
Aquaman (Television)
Spellbound (Television)
Race You to the Bottom (Movie)
Passions (Drama/Daytime Soap Opera)